Monday, October 27, 2008

8 - Dermatomycoses

1. Dermatomycoses are cutaneous mycoses caused by three genera of fungi namely microsporum, epidermophyton and trichophyton . these infections are called tinea or ringworm , a misnomer that has persisted from the days when they were thought to be caused by worms or lice .

2. tinea capitis ( ring worm of the scalp ) is due to an infection with MICROSPORUM CANIS or TRICHOPHYTON TONSURANS. It usuall occurs during childhood and heals spontaneously at puberty. Circular areas on the scalp with broken or no hair , are characteristic of this disorder.

3. Tinea corporis ( ring worm of the body ) is caused by MICROSPORUM CANIS or TRICHOPHYTON MENTAGROPHYTES . this disorder affects smooth skin and and produces circular pruritic rashes of redness and scaling .

4. Both tinea cruris ( ring worm of the groin , “ jock itch “ )and tinea pedis ( ring worm of the foot ) are caused by TRICHOPHYTON RUBRUM , TRICHOPHYTON MENTAGROPHYTES or EPIDERMOPHYTON FLOCCOSUM. These common conditions are pruritic and can cause scaling .

5. Tinea versicolor ( pityriasis versicolor ) is not a dermatophytic condition but, rather , a superficial mycosis now thought to be caused by MALASEZZIA FURFUR . the disorder is characterized by chronic but asymptomatic scaling on the trunk , arms or other parts of the body .

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